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Actors include: Stephanie Buddenbrock, Joanna Godwin-Seidl, Bronwyn Mertz-Penzinger, Phil Moran, Dave Moskin, Brigitte Pekarek and many more!


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Press & general enquiries contact Christina Koeppl

Tel.: 43(0) 664 4242587


Our final show will be the very famous Shakespeare play "The Tempest" it is also our end of season celebration so come and join us for a glass of sekt and to hear this magnificent play read.


Where goest though and at what striking of the hour? Thursday 12th June at 7.30pm with ensuing drinks and nibbles. Theatercouch, Schönbrunnerstrasse 238, 1120 Vienna


Yay merrily sayest you? Thrice told we it so, hey nonny and a bit 'o' Shakespeare night's cast be a star studded ensemble of jewels worthy of Ethiop's ear:  including  Thomas Crawley, Stephanie Buddenbrock, Robert Chinois, Joanna Godwin-Seidl, Michael Green, Dave Moskin, Alex Martin-Trondl, Phil Moran, Brigitte Pekarek,  David Rodriguez, Juergen Weissert and more. 



The Dates: 24.05/ 26.05/ 31.05/ 05.06/ 12.06 Starts 7.30pm


12.06 Thrice told merrily, hey nonny and a bit 'o' Shakespeare night! "The Tempest". An evening of Shakespeare and our season closing feast! A star studded cast including Thomas Crawley, Stephanie Buddenbrock, Robert Chinois, Joanna Godwin-Seidl, Michael Green, Dave Moskin, Alex Martin-Trondl, Phil Moran, Brigitte Pekarek,  David Rodriguez and more. 




24.05 Stephanie Buddenbrock, Adrienne Ferguson, Joanna Godwin-Seidl, Richard Panzenboeck, Michael Smulik and more will be reading from Neil Labute, Edward Allan Baker and Terrence McNally


26.05 Musical Night! Rory Six, Ulrike Figgener, Jakob Semotan, Silke Müllner, Philipp Dürnberger, Gernot Romic, Jasmina Fridl, Michael Postmann will be presenting from casting to performing, the talent of Larson.


31.05 Pultizer Prize Night. Bronwyn Mertz-Penzinger, Kudra Owens, Dave Moskin, Michael Smulik and David Wurawa.  These film, theatre and TV actors will be presenting Pulitzer Prize Winners post 2005 (And a show we will be doing in 2015).


05.06 80s Comedy/Drama night! Colleen Basset-Shoots, Stephanie Buddenbrock, Suzanne Carey, Bronwyn Mertz-Penzinger, Kathy Tanner and Lynsey Thurgar these fabulous females artists will be presenting famous 80s comedy/dramas - and getting in touch with hairdressing in particular.


On five seperate nights over May and June, vienna theatre project will showcase staged readings of some favourite, award-winning plays. 5 different genres of theatre, drama, comedy, musical, classic, modern and so much more. Plays and their dates to be announced. 


For the events we request donations only. There is no fixed price the TC does ask for a donation minimum of 5 Euro per event.


These wonderful evenings will take place at the Theatercouch (our new offices)  a new theatre location run by our partners Rory Six and Silke Müllner. Straight off the U4. The Couch sports a bar, a living room and a lovely theatre space with stage and lights where the readings will take place.


The musical evening will be brought to you by "Elisabeth" veteran and "Tod" cover Rory Six and Silke Müllner.

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