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[Title of Show]

By Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell



Jeff - Alan Burgon

Hunter - Oliver Watton

Heidi - Nazide Aylin

Susan - Lynsey Thurgar


Show dates:

Premiere 25th September 

27th September

30th September

1st - 11th October (except Sunday)


Performance Location: Theater Drachengasse,

Fleischmarkt 22, 1010 Vienna



Tel.: 01/15131444 (as of 25th August)


On-line: Click link above or....

(Theatre box office opens 25th August - currently closed over summer)


(Title of Show) a one-act musical, with music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen and a book by Hunter Bell.


Stage Director: Joanna Godwin-Seidl        

Music Director: Birgit Zach


About the Show


As the show opens ("Untitled Opening Number") Jeff and Hunter are discussing the possibility of entering the upcoming New York Musical Theatre Festival. The submissions deadline is only three weeks away, but they long to make their mark in the theatre world. ("Two Nobodies In New York") Jeff laments his lack of inspiration. When his blank writing pad begins to look like Hunter, ideas begin to flow. ("An Original Musical")


The two men recruit their friends Susan and Heidi to help with the project. As the guys battle writer's block, the girls become voices in their heads, making suggestions. "Writing should feel easy," Susan says, "like a monkey driving a speedboat." ("Monkeys and Playbills") Excitement mounts; if the show is a hit, they could replace the four ugly mismatched chairs on the set with chairs covered in diamonds! Hunter even ponders winning a Tony ("The Tony Award Song") — but Jeff reminds him that they have already cut the song he is in the midst of singing. Jeff and Hunter discuss their ambition to write and compose for a living. ("Part of It All")


Doubts and insecurities surface. Heidi wonders what she has gotten herself into, and Hunter worries that they are just stringing sketches and novelty songs together, that they need something "a little meatier". ("I Am Playing Me") Susan and Heidi become suspicious of each other. ("What Kind Of Girl Is She?") Hunter and Jeff are getting increasingly discouraged: What were they thinking? Will they even finish? Susan says the "vampires" are devouring their confidence and creativity, and they cannot let that happen. ("Die, Vampire, Die!") Reenergized, the men finish the show, and the ensemble tackles the festival paperwork. ("Filling Out The Form") Since the deadline is upon them and nobody can come up with a killer name for the show, they decide to leave the title-of-show field untouched — which makes [title of show] the name of their show. "What if they don't pick it?" Hunter worries. "Well, that'll be Act 2," says Jeff.


And so the musical continues.....!


Awards won


2006 Obie Award Special Citations

2009 Tony Award Favourite Ensemble cast





Drama League Award Distinguished Production of a Musical

Distinguished Performance Award Ensemble



GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding New York Theatre: Broadway and Off-Broadway Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen



Tony Award Best Book of a Musical Hunter Bell Audience Choice Award Favorite New Broadway

Favorite New Broadway Song"A Way Back to Then" & "Nine People's Favorite Thing"


Voted on of the top 50 Broadway musicals of all time.




Lights: Johanna Frank

Sound: Phil Moran

Set Construction: 

Set design: Joanna Godwin-Seidl, Richard Panzenboeck

Costume: Andrea Bernd



PR & Sponsorship: Christina Koeppl

Production Manager: Silke Müllner

Stage Assistant: Kathrin Firlinger

Poster and Flyer: Gernot Ottowitz

Photos: Ine Gundersveen & Thomas Schluet

Title of Show Conception: Richard Panzenboeck

Casting scout/agent Oliver Watton: Scout: Kieran Brown, agent:

Casting Agent: Nazide Aylin: Diabelli Management


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